• To be the premier Engineering, Procurement and Construction company in the Middle East and Africa region, for the energy and infrastructure sectors, providing significant returns for our key stakeholders (clients, employees and shareholders).
  • The services provided to our clients will be responsive and efficient, making a positive contribution to the success of any project in which the company is involved.
  • Our employees are a key resource for the company's continuing prosperity. Employees will be respected, recognized and fairly rewarded through appropriate compensation, training and development.
  • Our shareholders will earn a superior level of return on their investment through periodic dividends and capital appreciation.
  • The company will conduct its business activities in a manner that is consistent with good international practice providing safe and healthy working conditions for our employees. We will always seek to limit negative impacts on the physical environment in which we operate.
  • AJES will be socially responsible, optimizing the use of local human and capital resources and by contributing to the development of regional awareness and understanding.
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